A date-for-hire situationship becomes so much more in this steamy adult romance...

Autistic tech millionaire Olin Breivik has two goals in life: making sure his dad and his brothers are taken care of and not making the world a worse place. Between political fundraisers, community luncheons and galas, his social battery hovers around thirty-five percent on a good day. Unfortunately for him, his "hot single millionaire" status means he uses up the rest of his energy fending off wannabe matchmakers. After another ultra rude attempt at a set-up, Olin enlists his friend Xeni to help him find someone to pretend to be his girlfriend, just to take the heat off. Enter Meegan Whalen.

A little lonely and bored out of her mind, the sunny kindergarten teacher doesn’t see the harm in helping Olin out, especially when he offers to pay. Much to his surprise, Olin quickly finds himself craving more from his new date-for-hire. Meegan is charmed by him too, but there’s something Olin must know about her before things can go any further. Under her cheery exterior is a naughty girl, who is deep in the lifestyle and has no interest in doing things any other way. Before their relationship can get an upgrade to the real thing, Olin must discover if he can handle her submission well enough to win her heart.

*This is a low angst adult romance that can be read as a standalone. HOWEVER, the characters in this book up up throughout my adult contemporary titles*




Maureen Lee Lanker

Entertainment Weekly

“Weatherspoon has offered up a delicious treat that also admirably serves as a much-needed antidote to toxic alpha-male masculinity — a sexy tale you’ll want to add to your TBR pile yesterday.”


Jaime Green

The New York Times Review of Books

“Rafe” is a breeze and a delight, a perfect book to read over and over again.”

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