Nailah Shalaby loves her interior design work almost as much as she loves her family. What she hates is the way her brothers and her father can’t seem to stay out of her business. When her current personal trainer and casual sex buddy is exposed in a very public, very scandalous affair — with a client who isn’t Nailah — Nailah agrees to switch trainers at her father’s insistence. Too bad her father found her another fitness professional whose bright personality and rugged good looks make it impossible for Nailah to see him as anything other than her next conquest.

Armando Vasquez expects a little bit of drama when he agrees to take on the daughter of an acquaintance as a new client. What he doesn’t count on is Nailah Shalaby being such a complete ice princess. Always the professional, Armando is determined to ignore Nailah’s frosty demeanor while he gets her into the best shape of her life.

Their workouts are going as smoothly as planned until Nailah discovers Armando’s sexually dominant side and justify he use his knowledge of all things B, D and SM to escort her through his world of kink. They can hardly stand each other, but with every erotic encounter neither of them can deny… that thin line between love and hate never felt so good.

**This story contains acts of sadomasochism and a submissive who takes her Dominant on one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride. **




Goodreads Review

Oh. My. God. I have been ruined forever Rebekah Weatherspoon. Forever. Armando and Nailah are a dream. I've loved and love a few select characters with every fiber of my dorky, story-loving self and these two, with special winks to Armando, have just bumped a couple of those off the top. I will compare every man I ever consider henceforth to your Armando. I ruined. Thank you. *sigh* Off to read it again...and again...and...

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